Cyber Security Awareness – St. Xaviers College MaitiGhar

‎Cyber ‪‎Security awareness at St. Xavier’s College – This campaign which is steadily taking its pace has been the conceptual work of Dr. Ramhari Subedi, CEO of CSI Nepal.

Keeping up with its ambition to spread awareness on ‪Cybersecurity‬ CSI Nepal successfully concluded its session on 29th June 2016, at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari conducted the program where other members of the CSI team Mr. Bikram Khadka, Miss. Shudeeksha Shrestha, Ms. Manisha Ranabhat and Miss. Kasturi Raj was also present on the 17th Cyber-security Awareness Campaign.

Cybersecurity is a very delicate issue, and the threats in the cyberspace are real. Focusing on this reality, Mr. Adhikari started the session with some data on cybersecurity in the context of both Nepal as well as other countries where internet access has become one of the main-streams. Similarly, he shared videos on true incidents retrieved from Nepal Police, Crime Branch. During this, he urged the present audience to take this threat seriously and started equipping oneself with the necessary methods to stay secured. He gave some useful tips to safeguard ourselves on the Internet and secure our PCs from cyber-attacks.

Mr. Dikshe Thapa, a student at St. Xavier, ’s shared his experience of almost being a victim of cybercrime.

His case was similar to the one initially shared by Mr. Adhikari. It was some lottery scam through the email where he was asked to send money to get the money he supposedly won. He also highlighted the need to be exceptionally carefully while using the Internet as we may not know who we may come across. He even mentioned the lack of regulations for cyber-crime in Nepal and asked CSI Team to help the victim to come up with this severe matter which they have faced.

Miss. Bala Dahal also shared her view on the threats present in the cyber-space. She deemed the knowledge level especially in the youths who are the primary users of the internet, as the crucial factor in the occurrence of‪ ‎cybercrime‬. Most of these cases arise due to the low level of awareness, so she praised the efforts of CSI Nepal team for operating such campaign.

Many youths are getting in trouble while using emails, facebook and other social sites but they are unaware about its precautions because there is no any other medium who can teach them, aware them about this subject practically. The students appreciated the presence of CSI Team and the college itself wants the CSI Team to have another round of the event for their other faculty of students.