Cyber Security Must Be Strengthened In Nepal

The first meeting of the Cybercrime  Division Nepal  Expert Group brought together cyber experts from around Nepal to review current cybersecurity programs and provide advice for future activities. The cyber threat in Nepal has always been a prominent problem since the country doesn’t possess sophisticated infrastructures for proper security. The meeting was centralized over creating an expert platform on cybersecurity to cover all cyber threats told Dr. RamhariSubedi.

Bijay Limbu claims malware responsible for a computer virus that was able to shut down networks of local electrical grids; he told during discussions with security expert team of Nepal. The primary objective for these discussions is to create an expert platform on cybersecurity to cover all cyber threats held in Nepalese society.

Most of the infrastructures in Nepal use pirated software. Even the most delicate departments that are responsible for databases of so many users use the software that is highly prone to malware. This software develops the tendency to be significantly affected by viruses and being controlled by a remote user, hence allowing them to act as per their will. The cybersecurity of Nepal has been an issue for a long time and the only possible way to solve it by creating a highly secure platform that can look after all the potential attacks on the networks connecting various departments.

This meeting for forming an Expert group of cyber experts present in Nepal so that they can collectively figure out the current problems that exist in cybersecurity is an excellent start to provide a secure working environment online.