Minister of Information and Communication to Support CSI, Nepal. June 4, 2016, Cyber Security International (CSI) Nepal held a meeting with Minister of Information and Communication Mr. Sher Dhan Rai at Singha Durbar.

Ministry of ICT

Dr. Ramhari Subedi, Chairman of CSI Nepal and other team members including Mr. Nirmal Sharma, a media personality were present during the formal meet; where he gave a brief presentation showcasing the scenarios of lack of cyber security and the weak preparedness of Nepal to deal with massive cyber-attacks in the future.

On behalf of the CSI Nepal team Dr. Subedi proposed for creation of Department of Cyber Security as a separate government wing that will be tasked with dealing with all the issues related with cyber crime, developing cyber security level and coordinating with all other government bodies to create a secure cyberspace environment in Nepal.

He even mentioned, “A separate government body is very essential to deal with cyber security issues as, after being a separate institution it can freely work for education and awareness in this sector as well as prepare necessary infrastructure and formulate or modify concerned policies.”

CEO of ICT Frame Magazine and coordinator of CSI  Nepal Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari added that, “Nepal is yet to enter into complete digitization, but from the day this becomes reality we would be dealing with a huge no. of cyber crimes as important activities enter the digital world. So, we need to be prepared with the infrastructure that will help us fight the future catastrophe of flurry of cyber crimes.”

Minister Rai acknowledged the requests made by the CSI Nepal team and assured to act on them. He said, “Cyber security is a very important issue currently, and government is also aware about the need of a separate wing to deal with it. I will move ahead with this issue in coordination with other concerned ministries and departments and deliver fruitful results soon.”

Mr. Shankhar Pd. Sharma, Head of CSIT of Texas International College and one of the members of CSI Nepal team and Mr. Bharat Raj Uprety both the members of CSI Nepal team were also present in the formal meeting.