SmartSpeak Reader

8th September 2021, Kathmandu

SmartSpeak Launch

Dakshya Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is an edu-tech company established to revolutionize the traditional Nepalese system of learning. On September 6, 2021, for the very first time in Nepal, they launched SmartSpeak, an incredible solution for fun learning.

SmartSpeak is an interactive educational series for kids aged 18 months to 7  years that helps kids become smarter in life. The most fascinating feature of this series is that the characters/images talk aloud and words come alive when the SmartSpeak reader and books come together. SmartSpeak is an outcome of the foremost Nano Technology, which enables a SmartSpeak reader to recite the lessons, images, etc. with rhymes and music just by tapping the book’s pages.

Research has proven, self-learning has the best retention rate in children. With SmartSpeak Reader, it attracts the children to study and learn on their own with minimal guidance from parents, becoming an ideal companion for children. Moreover, various icons present in the books direct the parents, teachers, and mentors to help them understand the content in the book. Thereby, making the SmartSpeak Reader and books the perfect study mate for children.


  • The reading pen is an innovative toy and educational device.
  • Talking pen helps children learn to read with the correct phonetic pronunciation and write effectively
  • It engages kids in imaginative stories with lively characters’ voices while building vocabulary and reading simultaneously
  • Talking pen combines three essential literacy skills: reading, writing, and listening. By practicing them together, children nurture the skills needed to help them become confident and independent readers

Why is SmartSpeak Reader Popular?

  • According to research, listening can help people remember 34% of knowledge, reading can help people remember 70% of knowledge. If listening and reading work at the same time, it will provide collective supervision to retain 95% of knowledge.
  • SmartSpeak is the right tool to make listening and reading work at the same time. Additionally, it also makes study time interesting, imaginative, and playful.
  • Various sounds in the books like laughter, cries, bird’s call, dog’s barking, vehicles’ sounds, etc., helps children not only remember the words but also help understand what it means.
  • As per leading experts in education, after a period of about three to five years, all traditional books will be replaced by interactive sound books with supportive devices. And all schools and training institutions are bound to accept this new revolution.

What Help SmartSpeak Reader Can Provide?

1. Learning languages easily

SmartSpeak Reader is equipped with different books for helping kids learn characters, words, sentences, and such other formations. It arouses the learning enthusiasm of kids by bringing them to a magical interactive world.

2. Listening to vivid stories

SmartSpeak is also equipped with storybooks for telling kids stories with the correct pronunciation, reading style, and characters’ display of emotions. It will improve kids’ speaking and thinking abilities.

3. Enjoying music and singing songs

The pen has an MP3 function to play music.

4. Playing Games

SmartSpeak Reader also supports game functions. Learning through playing, and playing from learning.

How to use the SmartSpeak Reader

The SmartSpeak Reader needs to be powered on and the book code needs to be touched first. After the code for the book is read, the SmartSpeak Reader reads all words, phrases, sentences, and also characters in the books. To play games, icons are provided in the books through which a child can start and stop the game. Other icons provided give us an insight into the chapter being taught to the child.


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