After two days event on 29th and 30th September, 2016, at King’s College, finally Django Girls Workshop #3 was finished. It was organized by Bits Innovation Pvt. Ltd and Django Girls Kathmandu with main sponsor from Github. The main Motto of this program is to inspire women to fall in love with Technology and programming “Encouraging and Empower Girls” and also to enable every participant to develop a prototype of Blogging website. At the end of this program, most of the participants found this program really fruitful since each participant was able to make their own prototype. Not only this, they were also given Certificate for being participant. Besides, Special prizes like Django Girls Cup and T-shirts were given to the winners of Social Media Campaign. Even more, 3 winners of Like and Share Campaign were also provided with Two Free Movie Tickets each of CITY MAX Cinemas. Furthermore, Narottam Aryal, Nikita Acharya and Ashuta Bhattarai cut cake for the celebration of reaching 100+ participants of Django Girls Workshop.

This workshop was actually co-sponsored by Leapfrog Academy and Lions of Uttarbahini; and supported by Urban Girls, Kings College. There were many guest speakers like Mona Nyachhyon Gopaju(CEO,Logpoint);Dixant Bdr. Shrestha( CEO of Leapfrog Academy),Nikita Acharya(CEO,Urban Girls),Narottam Aryal(Principal and Director of King`s College),Shankar Bhattarai(CEO and Founder of Bits Innovation Pvt. Ltd.) etc gave their valuable speech after event was inaugurated by Santosh Purbey. This program was actually scheduled as:


9:00-9:30 – registration

9:30-10:00 -welcome note to participants

10:00-10:30 – brief instructions about Django Girls organization and Django girls Kathmandu

10:30 -11:00 – organizing Team introduction

11:00-11:30 – speaker Mrs. Mona Nyachhyon Gopaju (logpoint CEO)

11:30-12:30 – introduction to python and scope of python in future

12:30-1:00- interesting game to participants introduction session

1:00-1:30 – lunch break and selfy time

1:30- 5:00 diving into Django project and making blog.

5:00 – closing of day one.


9:30 – Registration

10:00-Programming start

11:00-11:30:Speaker Dixant Bahadur Shrestha (CEO of leapfrog Academy) motivated the participants about learning new technologies and empowering women.

11:30- 1:00 Programming

1:00-1:30 lunch break

1:30- 4:00 Programming

4:00-4:30 speaker Nikita Acharya (founder of Urban Girls) covered topics related to Women in Entrepreneurship

4:30-4:45 speaker Narottam Aryal (Principal of kings college )

4:45-5:00 100 + participants celebration and cake cutting

5:00-5:30 closing ceremony.

And, finally concluded by Shankar Bhattarai (CEO of Bits Innovation Pvt.Ltd). During this event leapfrog academy provided launch to every participants and announced that they would provide 40% scholarship to every participants of Django Girls workshop for their courses. There were also 4 participants from Biratnagar who were given special thanks from all the participants of the workshop for their valuable time and dedication to attend this event.

So if you have any strong dedication towards learning any IT related courses, Leapfrog. Academy is waiting for you to enrich your career in IT sector. So, always participant on the workshop and shape your future on IT field.