Dedicated Cyber-security Company for IS Audit, Vulnerability Assessment

One Cover Pvt. Ltd. is a Cybersecurity Company providing dependable security services and state-of-the-art security solutions to the diverse set of industries in Nepal and abroad. One Cover places itself at the frontier of cybersecurity needs of every organization by providing bespoke security and risk management services and solutions.

One Cover has put the best expertise with the right knowledge and skills to provide security services and solutions in the domain of risk management, IT audit, security solutions, and security research & innovation.


To be the industry leader in cyber-security space in Nepal and abroad


Provide dependable security services and state-of-the-art solutions to the industry’s security challenges


One Cover team believes in the delivery of reliable services, professional conduct, and due diligence for the growth of itself as well as its customers.

Cyber/IT security landscape

With the proliferation of IT-enabled services by organizations, security risks of information and service delivery has also escalated. Cyber/IT security has become a prime concern for organizations to secure their businesses from cyber/IT security threats and at the same time provide services to their customers in a consistent manner. With the availability of various security services and solutions, organizations often find it difficult to make the right choice in acquiring security services and solutions that fit their organizational needs.


One Cover provides the following services

  • Support and consulting for risk management strategic planning, policy-making and capacity building.
  • Gap analysis, IT audit, system audit, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing.
  • Need analysis, supply, and support of world-class security solutions and security infrastructure consulting.
  • Research and development of innovative cyber-security products and security frameworks.

These services are catered to the specific needs of every organization. Industry’s best practices and the latest security measures are always guaranteed while delivering the services.

One Cover team

One Cover has brought together industry leaders in the field of security to provide best-of-breed services to industries. The unit comprises of risk specialists, safety certified professionals, business managers, researchers, and support staff.


One Cover collaborates with national and international key players in the field of security to apply world-class knowledge and skills in solving security challenges and deliver its services.

Company name: OneCover Private Limited / Date of establishment: November 2018

Website: / Email: [email protected]


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