Deerwalk Learning Center Launched Videos Of Grade IV To Grade X

August 7th, 2019 Kathmandu

Deerwalk Learning Center officially launched ‘DLC Video Lectures.’ These can be accessed through multiple media like internet, mobile application, and offline mode, although different parties attempted to prepare a similar kind of product. They believe that ours stands out for two reasons—non-commercial use and adoption of globally accepted technology. They would also like to share our ideas on fixing the severe problem faced by the nation vis-à-vis lack of suitable content for the students with the use of Information and Communication Technology.

About Classes

Deerwalk Learning Center (DLC), an initiation of Deerwalk Group, is a media lab dedicated to developing online educational contents. Since its inception, DLC has researched extensively when it comes to producing video tutorials that are best suited for students across the country. We made the following significant findings:

 Stay away from monotony by eschewing the use of PowerPoints or simple recording of teacher teaching in a classroom.

Give students classroom-like feel by making classes lively by the use of ‘handwritten’ instructions full of ‘colorful’ examples.

Base the course on the curriculum developed by the Government of Nepal. Restrict the length of video lectures to 14-18 minutes on an average. Make Nepali as a language of instruction as far as possible.

With these significant learnings, they have recorded over 1700 videos of Grade IV to Grade X, covering all the compulsory subjects. they plan to cover Grade I-III as well as Grades XI and XII by the end of the year 2020. All classes are entirely free, and they are delivering them through our learning portal, as well as DLC Mobile App from Google Playstore.


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