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7th November 2023, Kathmandu

Dell laptops have a huge customer base in Nepal due to their availability in all price ranges. Its wide variety of lineups includes Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, XPS, G-series, and Alienware laptops. From low-end specs to high-end, you can find a Dell laptop depending on your budget and needs. In this article, we are going to look at the latest Dell laptop prices in Nepal for its wide range of series.

Where to Buy Dell Laptops in Nepal?

Neoteric Nepal, a subsidiary of the Golchha Organization and Generation Next Communications, is the authorized seller of Dell laptops in Nepal. You can purchase Dell laptops online via their online portals. You can also visit their showrooms at various places in Kathmandu Valley – Jawalakhel, Maitighar, and Newroad.

Besides, you can also buy the latest Dell Laptops in Nepal from InfoTechs Nepal, a leading laptop store in Nepal located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. InfoTechs Nepal offers a variety of Dell laptops, from the budget-friendly Inspiron series to the higher-end Alienware laptops. They offer genuine and authentic Dell laptops at the most affordable price in Nepal. If you are looking for a budget-friendly store with great customer support and after-sales services, check them out. Visit their website and browse the latest laptop prices in Nepal and make your ideal purchase.

Dell Inspiron 3000 Series laptops price in Nepal

As we know, the Inspiron 3000 series is the entry-level series of Dell’s Inspiron lineup. This particular series is targeted at budget-conscious customers who seek affordable laptops. But there’s no such thing as computing performance compromisation with the 3000 series. These may be highly affordable, but they possess capable computing power for day-to-day use. In fact, these laptops usually come with Intel UHD graphics and either 4 or 8GB of RAM. However, you can also find models with Iris XE graphics or NVIDIA Geforce MX series graphics.

Dell’s Inspiron 3000 series laptops are perfect for professionals who handle light workloads. Additionally, these laptops are well-suited for school or college-level students for their educational needs. You can perform basic computing tasks like web browsing, Microsoft Word, multimedia consumption, social media, research and study, and more in these Dell 3000 series laptops.

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series laptops price in Nepal

The Inspiron 5000 series is a mid-range Dell laptop and an upgrade from the 3000 series. These laptops match the needs of mid-range professionals and college-level students. The series features a premium design, better build quality, and better performance than the 3000 series.

Usually, the laptops of the Dell Inspiron 5000 series come in a size of 13, 14, and 15 inches. The performance and computing power of these laptops suffice the needs of office professionals as well. Moreover, you can also game on some high-end Dell 5000 series laptops powered by either Intel or AMD CPUs.

Dell Inspiron 7000 Series laptops price in Nepal

Last, from the Dell Inspiron laptops, the Inspiron 7000 series laptops include the most premium Inspiron devices. The Inspiron 7000 series laptops come with a metallic body with a luxurious finish and powerful performance. This high-performance series suits corporate, enterprise, and other professional users.

Students who need high-end specs for tasks like video editing, software development, CAD, and others will enjoy the performance of the Inspiron 7000 series. The 7000 series laptops are powered by the latest 12th and 13th-generation Intel processors and offer exceptional speed and performance. You can also find the Inspiron 7000 laptops with AMD Ryzen CPUs with the latest processor technology.

Dell Latitude Series laptops price in Nepal

The Latitude laptops are targeted towards business professionals and corporate users. Hence, the features and capabilities of these laptops are tailored to their needs and requirements. These laptops fulfill the needs for regular business tasks and provide high performance for business use.

With a more professional design and an excellent finish, you will enjoy the computing capacity of these devices. Moreover, the Latitude series laptops offer exceptional security features, which is a key necessity for business users.

Dell Vostro Series Laptops Price in Nepal

Dell’s “Vostro” series was actually very popular back in its day among corporate users. Now, the reason why I say ‘back in its day’ is that Dell discontinued the series in 2013 due to lesser demand and changing technology. However, Dell has continued the production of Vostro laptops once again, and you can find the latest Vostro laptops from InfoTechs Nepal.

Dell Vostro laptops are designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. They have essential features, enhanced security, reliable support, and flexibility for small businesses. So, if you are a professionals seeking dependable computing solutions for work-related tasks, why not choose Vostro laptops?

Dell XPS Series Laptops Price in Nepal

The name XPS (Xtreme Performance System) justifies the performance of the laptops in this series. The XPS lineup of convertible laptops is known for its high-performance capability on a small, compact, lightweight, and ultimately portable build. With their truly alluring design, vivid displays, and visual experience, they are arguably the most praised Windows laptops in the world.

Dell’s XPS laptops are currently available in two models, XPS 13 and XPS 15 (featuring two screen sizes: 13 and 15 inches), along with the latest processors and fantastic keyboards. In fact, we may soon witness the launch of a large-screen Dell XPS 17 as well. However, there’s a letdown that comes with the compactness of the series. There’s no powerful GPU. This means you can’t pick these laptops if you are into graphics-intensive tasks like video editing and gaming.

Dell ‘G’ Series Gaming Laptops Price in Nepal

The G-series is a line of gaming laptops by Dell. If you are into gaming and want an unmatched gaming experience and affordability in a single sleek device, then Dell G-series laptops will do the job. The ‘G’ series laptops suffice the needs of every gamer, from casuals to hardcore and professional gamers. With the gaming community blooming in Nepal, customers tend to incline more to gaming laptops as their next computing partner.

You can choose from “G3”, “G5”, and “G7” models, which come with fantastic hardware combinations, different designs, and performance levels. These laptops have a dedicated GPU to handle graphics workload and powerful gameplay. In Nepal, you can find Dell’s gaming laptops with GTX and RTX graphics.

Dell Alienware Series Laptops Price in Nepal

Let’s begin with a noteworthy mention that Alienware was actually an independent manufacturer before Dell acquired it in 2006. The ultimate high-end laptop series from Dell, Alienware gaming laptops are pure class and VR-ready. The Alienware laptops are available in two series: the X-series and the M-series.

The Alienware laptops are crafted with carbon-fiber materials to enhance durability and reduce weight. They have powerful hardware components and feature either the latest i7, i9 Intel-based processor or AMD-based Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9 processor, and dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX  graphics to handle graphics-intensive applications and gaming. These laptops are one of the most innovative selections in the market. And, if the brilliant performance and captivating ‘Alien’ logo don’t compel you, then what else will?


In Conclusion, Dell laptops are an excellent choice for users seeking a durable, reliable, and feature-rich computing solution for a wide range of needs, from education, business, and productivity to creativity and gaming.

Depending upon your specific condition, you can find your perfect Dell laptop in Nepal. Over time, the pricing of Dell laptops may be subject to change. To find the latest prices, you can explore the up-to-date Dell laptop prices in Nepal through InfoTechs Nepal. You can also contact them for any of your tech needs. Their service is truly exceptional and is sure to leave a lasting positive impression on you.

So, Which Dell laptop are you purchasing? Let us know in the comments!


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