Information security is the way of protecting information from unauthorized use, access, inspection, disclosure, modification, disruption, recording, perusal or destruction. It is also referred as Info Sec in short form. It is the used as a term to represent regardless of the form of data i.e the data may be electronic or physical or other.
Information security is a stale and rapidly growing profession. The employees related to the information security profession are very stable. A research showed that more than 80 percent of the employees had no change in their job in the previous year and the number of professionals increased rapidly to more that 11 percent annually from 2014 to 2019 continuously.
There is a term referred as Information assurance. It is the act of ensuring that the information is no longer secure when critical problem occurs. These issues comprise of natural disasters, physical theft, computer malfunction, server malfunction or any other reasons where the information is likely to get lost, however these issues may increase regarding the situations and scenarios. As most of the data are stored on computers in modern generation the information assurance is generally performed by IT specialists. The most general methods of performing information assurance is to have an off-site backup of the information if the above mentioned issue occurs. The information security qualities or attributes consists in three main sectors i.e hardware, software and communications with the goal to help apply and identify information industry standards as the methods of protection and prevention at all three levels: physical, personal and organizational level. The policies or procedures are importantly implemented to say to the people whether administrators operators or users how to use products in order to ensure information security within the organizations.