Developing Cyber Security Framework In Nepal, Dr. Ram Hari Subedi

Dr ramhari subedi

Realizing the importance of Cyber Security in Nepal, many conferences, seminars, and presentation were conducted every year in Kathmandu Valley. Such a program is not only limited within these conferences and workshops besides these are highly targeted to primary to a higher level of education in Nepal. The primary purpose of conducting this entire program is to apply certain strategies on how to minimize cyber crime. And it is only possible if nourishment is done right from the schooling level and conducting a program on many existing companies for their employees. Realizing all these, on 10th August 2016, a conference was done in  During that time, Dr. Ram Hari Subedi on Viber from America had given his valuable speech on Developing Cyber Security Framework in Nepal. Beside this, Founder Director of Cyber Security International Nepal, Chiranjibi Adhikari had also given his live presentation on same topics including Cyber Security International Nepal.

These entire programs were entirely focused on cyber threat evolution, cyber threat attack using cyberspace, cyber risk, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack, DDOS attack, cyber threat attacks like Zero-Day attacks and many more.  Besides, an interaction program was also conducted within this scenario among staffs of Metrotarkari is an online served company established to provide fresh delivery at your doorstep. So you can enjoy their service. They have mainly targeted their services on Vegetables, fruits, meat, bakery, beans and lentils, groceries and households, food and beverages, etc.

Furthermore, Cyber Security Awareness is essential to every people. And it is found that every organization has main threats from its internal stakeholders rather than from cyber hacker. So the organizations need to apply specific defensive mechanism against these threats. Besides, Record shows that many people are unfamiliar with how to use the computer and to keep their accounts securely. Not only this they are lured by lottery post on the website. Even the case is similar to the educated person. So they blindly give their accounts like Gmail information including the password to them. It is a total disaster. So here are certain things you need to focus on to be saved from spooled email — every time you need to check the URL of them before applying or giving any information to them. Even a single dot mistake, give a sense of spam, so you have to be focused on that. Self Protection must be our priority. SO we all need to work out for it.