Development Committee Asks For Clarification On Selecting Digambar Jha

Image: Setopati

In a meeting of Thursday, Development Committee of parliamentary has asked for the clarification with Ministry of Communication for selecting Digambar Jha as the chairman of Nepal Tele Communication Authority. The committee has provided the deadline of 15 days.

During the meeting, members of parliamentary have asked Gokul Baskota, a ministry of communication technology and information about the matter. Baskota said the selection of Jha for the post of NTA chief doesn’t breach any kinds of laws and regulations.

Earlier Oli led government scrapped Jha from the post of NTA’s head by tagging as an incapable person. And he just recently has regained the lost position of chairman.

Recently, Jha had a confrontation with NTA’s members. The clash took place while NTA’s director committees were having a meeting on the annual day of NTA.

“Though 90 percent of the work for an annual day has already been completed, the chairman unfairly came up with new plans in the meeting. We were disgruntled with his working style. The confrontation begins after Jha showed aggressive behavior towards the members”, said one of the board members.

The board member also complained about Jha’s reckless behavior during the meeting. According to one board member, Jha shows very arrogant trait and disrespect the other participants of meetings. The member also added such kind of behavior by Jha will not allow long-term coordination.

 “We can’t accept the working attitude of chairman Jha, he acts as a very clever person but we are dissatisfied with his performance, and we don’t trust him,” said the board member.

Till now chairman Jha hasn’t brought any proper plans and policies for the number of rural telecommunication funds, said the members. Now we will not wait for his agendas. Instead, we will find them by ourselves, added the members.

Chairman Jha claimed that there had been no change in the program. It is as similar as prepared in earlier. The plans will be passed only after the acceptance of board members, added Jha.

Jha has faced a lot of criticism and controversy after he regained the title of Chairman at NTA.


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