Digambar Jha To Fight Back For The Position Of NTA’s Chief

Image: Setopati

Digambar Jha who was scrapped by the government from the post of NTA’s chief has made a  comeback to regain the placement. Jha has already submitted his application for the vacant position of NTA’s manager.

The post is vacant after the government decided to scrap all political appointments made by Sher Bahadur Deuba-led government after August 30 last year citing they were against the election code of conduct which was in effect then.

Earlier, the government would make a political appointment for the position.

Total of 15 candidates is vying for the post of NTA’s chief.

The Ministry has now formed a committee under the leadership of its Secretary Mahendra Man Gurung to carry out the appointment process. The committee will select three best candidates and recommend their names to the Council of Ministers for the final decision.

Once the evaluation process of educational qualification and working experience of the candidates will be completed, the new chief will come in operation, informed the committee.

Though several attempts were made to select the new chief, the Government could not appoint any manager for NTA till now. The vacant post of chairman has halted numbers of NTA’s important project.

The lists of the candidates vying for the vacant post of NTA’s chief are as mentioned below:

  • Digambar Jha, Former chair of NTA
  • Ananda Raj Khanal and Purshotam Khanal, Senior Director of NTA
  • Chandramani Chaulagain, Member of  NTA Committee
  • Buddhi Prasad Acharya and Dev Narayan Yadav, Former Spokesperson of Nepal Telecom (NTC)
  • Rabindra Jha, Shiva Bhushan Lal, Madhu Sudhan Karmacharya and Khadga
    Basnet, Former official of NTC
  • Ujwal Pradhananga, ICT expert at UNICEF
  • Bhupendra Bhandari, Official of Smart mobile
  • Rohit Rauniyar, Sales Director at Ncell
  • Sushil Ghimire and  Anil Jha, Former Secretary of Nepal Government

Here are the Qualifications and experience criteria for the NTA chief.

Nepalese National

Age: 30 to 65

Educational Qualifications and Experience: Bachelors degree from the academic institution, and ten years of experience in the respective sector

Work Experience: 10 years of work experience in any Government service or corporations, regulators, departments or public company, in the position of First grade or Tenth level or above.

Not legally charged to be unfit for the position


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