Kathmandu, Chaitra 4, 2072- A formal program was organized by Office of Controller of Certification (OCC), Government of Nepal, Ministry of ICT,  about the implementation and uses of Digital Signature in financial institutions which was held at OCC premise, Singha Durbar. Twenty four commercial banks with their IT department, HR department, Legal and Decision makers along with Nepal Bankers Association participated in that program.

Likewise, Gajendra Kumar Thakur Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology, Director General Department of IT, Mr. Birendra K. Mishra, Certification Authority(CA) Radiant InfoTech Nepal representative Mr. Deepak Bhandari, Chairman of Nepal Certifying Company Mr. Biplav Man Singh,COO of NCC Mr. Narayan Neupane and Operational Manager Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari were also involved in that program.

Though that program was organized to discuss the implementation and uses of Digital Signature in financial institutions, the participants also shared ideas about the application of such signatures at all the business and administrative area necessary. Mr. Deepak Bhandari, Radiant Infotech Nepal emphasized on the importance of Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) in financial institutions.

He said, “Since security and authenticity is a major concern in the financial sector, use of DSC not only ensures these factors but also eases the work time as well.” Mr. Narayan Neupane, COO of NCC gave a briefing about the technical aspects of the Digital Signature. He talked about the technical requirements for DSC and gave a demonstration of its use. Similarly, Mr. Biplav Man Singh, Chairman of NCC also expressed his views on the implementation of DSC.

He further outlined the benefits of using a digital signature. He said, “Apart from easing the workload and saving time DSC can also prove to be environmentally friendly.” Director General, Department of IT Mr. Birendra Kumar Mishra said that “DSC can replace activities done in paper, saving high consumption of paper, its printing costs.” In general, the meet proved to be fruitful on analyzing various dimensions of implementing digital signature mainly in the financial institutions