Digital Television Service in Nepal

16th November 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal’s well-known internet and television service provider DishHome has revealed that it is providing all its services through dealers and agents.

 The customers of DishHome, who are not having a distribution channel but are 100% dependent on brokers, are facing problems.

DishHome has been providing services to the general public through dozens of dealers (broker companies), but consumers have complained that they are not able to get the service easily because DishHome does not provide services by itself.

DishHome, which has been providing television services through the Internet and satellite only in Nepal, does not even have a distribution channel. It has been providing repair services to new customers through dealers in cities across the country, including the capital Kathmandu.

If the customer wants to upgrade the service over the telephone, the company cannot change it by itself, instead, it depends on the dealer. Earlier, arrangements were made to recharge from the set by creating an online recharge card on television. The TV is being sold through the agent and repaired by the agent. Now it is working through dealers all over the country.

It has been revealed that the customer cannot change the service they are getting because it does not keep anything under its control, and does all the work through an intermediary.

If you need to increase the capacity of the internet taken from DishHome, it is not possible to contact DishHome. You have to contact the dealer for that. As some dealers are working outside the capital, customers are forced to get more complicated services.

Even in the case of needing to connect to a new Internet, if you call DishHome, the connection is possible only by sending the notification from DishHome’s call center to the dealer. After the customer calls the call center, the employees inform the broker company that they want to connect a new DISHOME. After receiving such information, a call will be made from the dealer of DishHome to the customer.

The regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication has shown interest in the provision of services in the information technology sector without having its distribution system and giving control of the system to brokers.


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