Donald Trump’s Trade War And Huawei Ban Push China To Rethink

US Ban On Huawei A 'Cynically Timed' Blow In Escalating Trade War

Google has decided to reduce some services by limiting the services it is providing to Chinese telecom company Huawei.

Immediately after American President Donald Trump announced that threat has increased to the information technology sector of USA due to the use of foreign telecommunications equipment, Google decided to reduce their services and probably terminate their fellowship with Huawei soon.

After Google’s bold decision, some Android services won’t be available in newer smartphones released by Huawei. Also, current smartphones will have a problem updating the Android version or even using the Google play store.

What services is Google planning to not provide to Huawei? There is no mention of this in any statements made by Google. The BBC, however, has mentioned in a report that YouTube and Google map service may now be cut off from Huawei smartphone.

However, technology specialists have said that Huawei can still use open source Android operating systems in their smartphones.

Huawei Officials have said that they are preparing a plan to overcome this possible service block. Trump announced a state of crisis stating that the use of telecommunications equipment has resulted from risk to national security and the risk of cyber-attacks has increased immensely and the only way to deal with it is by limiting the use of such equipment.

After Trump’s decision, American companies limited trade with foreign telecom companies. President Trump’s decision was analyzed carefully and was concluded to be specifically targeted to Chinese company Huawei. The United States has been accusing Chinese company Huawei by stating that they’ve been spying other countries with the help of their telecommunication tools. Still, Huawei has denied accepting the accusations and has said that their equipment is safe to use.

After the decision of Google, Huawei has said that they’re trying their best to not let the services be affected despite the limitations set by Google. Huawei’s executive director, Ren Zhengfei, told that they’re preparing to overcome this limitation by signing an agreement with Japanese communication media.

He told that Huawei is developing its own app galleries and operating system.

With the ongoing trade war between America and China, Google’s decision is expected to have caused more problems between the two countries. Only last year, Trump had increased the tax rate from 10 percent to 25 percent on the Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion. In response, China increased taxes on American goods worth $ 60 billion.


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