“DONATE YOUR USED DESKTOP TO HELP US SET UP COMPUTER LABS IN RURAL AND REMOTE NEPAL”. Ganga Bhandari is pleased to share with you and invite you to support us in their first ever Crowd sourcing campaign to collect used desktop computers to set up computer labs in remote and rural Nepal. What is possibly an e-waste for you can be a great learning tool for many. We, a group of young Nepalis organized under the umbrella of Subaltern Forum, are approaching you all well wishers of Nepal for a cause to help us turn potential e-waste into laboratories for testing and creating young Nepali brains from remote parts of Nepal. The idea is to collect used desktop computers from individuals and organizations that are willing to donate them. Refurbish them and set up Computer Labs in schools, which have never seen a computer. Our preliminary study shows that almost all households in the cities have at least one used desktop computer well functioning and they are willing to donate. The study also shows there are many schools in remote parts of Nepal where having one desktop is a luxury. Setting up a computer lab is beyond imagination for many.
One challenge is electricity. But since most of the villages we are targeting have either power supply from isolated micro-hydro or have national grid connection, power supply is not an issue. Where both sources of power are unavailable, solar power is an option for our second phase of this program. 

THIS IS POSSIBLE. Should you like our initiative and want to SUPPORT us for this innovative experiment, you can support by 1) donating your used desktop computer for a meaningful cause. Upon your call, we will come to pick it up.2) Financial support to refurbish,  transport and set up labs in remote schools. You will be acknowledged/thanked in person for your contribution, by us and by hundreds of schools kids who will learn something from what you have given. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Please feel free to call me if there is any more info needed. Crowd sourcing Campaign for Donate Used Desktop for Computer Labs in Remote Schools of Nepal. Contact details: Ganga Bhandari (Volunteering Project Leader) Email:bhandariganga50@gmail.com or mail@subalternforum.org.np

Author: Ganga Bhandari