daraz vs sastodeal vs durbarmart

18th October 2020, Kathmandu

If you have been following the social media trend for the past couple of days, the famous Daraz vs Sastodeal meme battle is no new news to you! It started in a lighthearted and fun spirit and has been gaining social media attention. For good or for worse, this has definitely helped in their sales. Meanwhile, while the two e-commerce giants were busy taunting each other, Durbar Mart, another eCommerce site in Nepal, entered the meme game making the whole banter a lot more interesting.

Let’s get to know the whole story in the post below.

Daraz vs Sasodeal vs DurbarMart: The whole story!


Looks like the meme war is escalating and how!

This has also turned people’s heads towards Durbar Mart who, through this meme, tried to hint that the deals it provided were better and cheaper compared to the other two giants. However, is it just a minor one product thing or is this case rampant in Nepal’s e-commerce site? A question has definitely arisen!

Fun and games aside, this sure has baffled the customers who are into the online shopping zone. This incident has created a suspicious air around the e-commerce businesses in Nepal considering their deals.

The customers were seen thinking about the varying price of the same product. This has definitely had a negative impact on the customers’ mindset.

Read the following article to know the whole story on how this started.

Daraz vs Sastodeal: The Meme Battle!

Lastly, let us know how these series of incidences have made you feel? Are you just taking it in a light fun way or are you concerned? Write down in the comment section.


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