DWIT Software Club Announced Workshops For Future Git

Kathmandu to Host Git and GitHub Workshop

DWIT Software Club in collaboration with Neosphere is going to organize a Git & Github workshop on 2nd March, Saturday. Git is a free & open source distributed version control system whereas Github is a popular hosting platform. Well, Git is your coding time machine. Mistakes in your code are inevitable. Join the workshop to learn how Git allows you to roll back to when our system was still working and avoid making the same mistake twice. It is indeed your coding safety net.
The topics to be covered are :
a. Intro to Git/Github
b. Version Control System
c. Git Command Line
d. Repositories
e. Branches
f. Hosting a webpage with Github
Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/YOZpVAwyLTVC420p1
Mr. Ratnesh Dheeraj (He holds vast experience in software training and training and Head of Academics at Neosphere.)
Git should be installed beforehand, and registered participants should have an account in Github to prevent delay for the workshop.


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