e-Ghar Mobile App

6th May 2021, Kathmandu

An ‘e-Ghar‘ app has been launched to provide the information and data needed to avoid the Corona pandemic.

Engineer Narayan Ghimire said that details about Covid-19. As the status of 77 districts, ambulances and consulting doctors can be accessed via the app.

Details about blood banks and oxygen can be found in the app launched by the community that includes Suman Raj Pandey.

Engineer Ghimire explained that the app, which will provide an online showroom as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, was created as the Covid-19 helpline.

The e-Ghar is said to promote crowdfunding business by constructing online showrooms for nearby takeaway service providers. The app features 150 different types of businesses, such as restaurants, haircuts, stores, and gas stations. According to Engineer Ghimire, the app can be downloaded via the Playstore.


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