Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight with 2200mAh Power Bank USB

This is an awesome car accessory since it does so much work in a
single package. Here are the lists of things that this device
comprises of and is capable of:
A powerful 220 lumen flashlight with a built in battery charger
A 2,200 mAh 18650 lithium ion battery cell
A lanyard
A screw in windshield or car window breaker for emergencies
A rubber cap to cover the car winder breaker when it is installed on
the flashlight
A screw on light diffuser to turn the flashlight into a traffic
directing wand or and emergency beacon.
A 39.37 inch long charging cable that is a USB connector on one end
and a Micro USB on the other.
An instruction manual.

This gadget was voted as the best electronic gadget invented in 2015.
It has five modes of flashlight operation: high 100% output, medium
50% output and low 10% output, strobe mode and SOS flashing. The
flashlight comes on when the button is fully pressed and when pressed
softly, the change of mode of operation pops up. It can work with or
without the diffuser on it. The window breaker is the hardened alloy
steel sharp conical tip that will break the car window which allows to
escape from a wrecked car or the one which is submerged in the water.
It comes with a rubber cap to cover it as the window breaker is
installed in the flashlight.

The internal battery can be recharged upo 500 times and it is
replacable so the life of the flashlight is extended for many years.
The flashlight is charged with a 5V dc 1 Amp USB power source but no
issue arrises even charged with 2.1 Amp source. It can be charged with
car USB charger, an AC USB wall charger or even computer USB port.
There is a LED on the bottom which indicated red when the battery is
charging and turns green when the battery is full. The battery as well
as the battery holder is marked. The base of the flashlight has an
output charging port on it and mobile phone can be charged with it.