Shopping in Nepal is quite the work. First you have the problem of finding the right product for which you have to visit multiple shops. Once you do find the right product, you have to bargain on the price until you get close to a reasonable deal. Shall you decide to buy, you are never sure if you did pay the right price. There is always an information asymmetry and more-often-than-not, buyers get cheated and tricked to overpay for a product. Even after all the hassle, you are left with minimal to virtually non-existent customer service. We were not the exception and we have experienced this problem almost every time we went shopping.

GoGazzab (P) Ltd. is a fast-growing ecommerce start-up founded with a vision to be the most customer-centric business in Nepal. We operate a cutting-edge online shopping platform offering the largest selection of products, unbeatable prices, and hassle-free experience for its customers.