Eminence Ways Taking Cyber Security In New Height

Nepal has experienced extreme changes in the field of IT sector. The burgeoning scope of IT shows a massive development and deployment of IT systems in Nepal increasing various cybercrimes like theft of data, connection loss, depletion driving and among others.

There are only a few organizations in Nepal who dedicatedly works in the field of cybersecurity and Eminence Ways is one among them.

“Our team of experts specializes in a particular domain of web network and mobile security test and identifies vulnerabilities in critical areas,” said Narayan Koirala, Founder of Eminence Ways.

 We do not only detect these problems but also monitors IT systems of these companies on a timely basis so that they can focus on their core business gaining confidence over their IT system, added Koirala.

The company was established back in 2013.

We have now reached the level where companies come to us and get their system tested, Koirala iterated.

Till now the company has provided its service to more than 44 clients including multinationals, telcos, banks, government agencies, healthcare and among others.

The company goals to board in more people in the team and enhance existing security research lab. Similarly, they also want to expand its business horizon in the international market.


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