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19th December 2023, Kathmandu

UNICTS Nepal co-executed with Mac IT Hub, the Internship in Nepal – IIN, and Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal, ICT students were illuminated by a plethora of internship opportunities. The collaborative efforts and substantial support from key players in the tech industry made this event a resounding success.

ICT Students EmpoweringDiverse Perspectives on Internships: Sujit Luintel, in a pivotal presentation, provided a unique perspective on internships from the vantage point of a company’s HR department. His insights offered attendees a deep understanding of what companies seek in prospective interns.

Technical Skills Demystified: Ritesh Ghimire, a key speaker, delved into the technical skills essential for aspiring interns. His comprehensive overview equipped students with valuable knowledge of the specific competencies that can set them apart in the competitive tech landscape.

Navigating the Professional Landscape: Alok Malla addressed the audience on the crucial topic of labor rights, emphasizing their significance in the ever-evolving realm of internships. Malla’s insights provided students with a broader perspective on their rights and responsibilities in the professional sphere.

Closing Remarks: Pujan Timalsina, President of Mac IT Hub, delivered closing remarks, summarizing the event’s significance and encouraging students to embark on their internship journeys with confidence and knowledge.

Collaborative Success:

The collaborative efforts of UNICTS Nepal, Mac IT Hub, and Internship in Nepal – IIN, bolstered by the unwavering support of the Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal, marked this event as a remarkable success. The synergy of these entities not only facilitated a seamless event but also reinforced the collective commitment to nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

Empowering the Future:

The expertise of the speakers and the diverse array of topics covered during the event have undoubtedly empowered ICT students with practical knowledge. Attendees now possess a clearer understanding of the myriad opportunities awaiting them in the professional landscape, setting the stage for their successful integration into the tech workforce.


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