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Glad to introduce myself it’s me president of Butwal Coder Girls and IT manager at CSIT association of Butwal Multiple Campus, Sabita Neupane. I am the permanent resident of Butwal, Nepal. Currently, I am pursuing my Computer Science and Information Technology (BSC.CSIT) at 7th Semester at Butwal Multiple Campus.

In this article I would like to let you know about my personal interest in the field of information technology and what sorts of benefit we have after our graduation with inner skill with us. I am a girl, enthusiasm to do something in the field of IT.

Since my childhood I have been keen interest in the field of information technology. I remember my past days I used to spend plenty of my time with new and old gadgets. I love to know about its invented technology exactly how this is built in. When I was in grade 8, I was introduced with the beginning phase of programming that is QBasic. After this I started coding for QBasic and as my academics standard was increasing gradually I was further introduce with new and new programming language. These all my fundamental bases helped me to decide what next in my upcoming future.

As being the student of CSIT, I want to be more focused on making myself strong as a Tech person. Each and every person they have their own destiny in their life. Similarly, I too have my own destiny to be a successful person in the field of Information Technology. I have acquired skills in various web technologies and I am currently increasing my skills on Mobile Platform. Though, I have competitive skill on Web Designing, my goal in my life is to works as a Quality Control or System Engineer. To achieve this goal definitely I have to give my 100% effort so that my goal will be as what I planned for.

When just remembering the old historic time, workplaces used to be only filled with male. Past situation hasn’t changed much and the situation of Nepal is still similar. Especially in the case of Information and Communications Technology, there is a huge gender gap in Nepal. So I step myself towards this.

There are lots of reasons behind why girls are back in this field. Some of them are listed below:

Girls’ perceptions of Computer Science may be holding them back

90% of girls want to go into careers that help people. Girls may not think of computer science as a field that helps people. They may think of more traditional female gender roles such as teacher, nurse, doctor etc., Girls think that a computer scientist is a geeky guy who likes to be alone at a computer or gaming console, Girls don’t feel they fit in to the computer science environment/classroom.

Girls’ perceptions of their own abilities

Girls feel people are born with fixed abilities, especially in math, Girls often give up instead of working through difficulties, Girls often perceive that some is more knowledgeable than the girls, Narrow mind of women for themselves, Traditional concept i.e. girls are not for IT.

Lack of support from family

There are many misconception regarding girls in society, communities and in many more places but nowadays with developing technology somehow the misconception are removing. And teenage girls now use computers and the Internet at rates similar to boys, but they are five times less likely to consider a technology-related career.

Girls in the remote places barely have access to the computer. So, the thought of having such a career is not even an option for them. But teenage girls of the cities who are in their schools or high schools are busy with internet all day and night. It may be some social networking site or may be for movies or songs. But when it comes to choosing it as a career, a distinct minority will opt for it.

And establishing Butwal Coder Girls in such place where girls themselves keep them back is very challenging thing. Even after a lot of month of establishment we are unable to describe the main purpose of establishing Butwal Coder Girls, not just to other student even it is very difficult to make understand to our group members too. Student in last year of bachelor even don’t have their purpose of studying IT subjects. Just they need is mentoring, counseling and we can be the way to provide them all these through various programs related to Information Technology.

The course which we study in our curriculum is not sufficient for our career. It is only for studying before exam and for certificate after exam. Butwal Coder Girls can be platform for those students who have courage for develop their leadership, will to learn and share their knowledge. We are trying our best to provide skills, knowledge and to organize various training, workshop, seminar, programs, events and many more which does not only develop their knowledge but also help to develop their personality for future career.

Author: Sabita Neupane (President of Butwal Coder Girls)


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