Trump to Meet with Video Game Executives to Talk Gun Violence

Trump to Meet with Video Game Executives to Talk Gun Violence

Trump to Meet with Video Game Executives to Talk Gun Violence

When not invited to the White House to meet the president with the other major game companies. The Entertainment Software Association granted an invitation to attend with President Trump. This meeting took into consideration on Thursday to discuss gun violence and school shootings on the video games. The Entertainment Software Association before stated about not contacted by the White House. But later confirmed that it would be attending the meeting.

Entertainment Software Association

The Entertainment Software Association is one of the famous video association of the video game industry. It is founded in April 1994. The CEO of Entertainment Software Association is Michael Gallagher. ESA also stated about the opportunity provided. To have the fact-based conversation about the video game ratings. Likewise for video games industry commitment to parents, etc.
The video games companies have also been telling that no evidence is there connecting video game play with violence. Despite it, the president Trump is suggesting that there is a link between video games and gun violence. Due to which meeting has taken into consideration. Past presidents including Barack Obama. Is in favour of supporting the relationship between the video games and gun violence.

Video games

Video Games enjoyed all over the world by millions and trillions of people. The scientific studies also have found that there is no connection between video games and real-life violence. The Americans concerned about the increasing gun violence as the US has the higher level of gun violence than any country in the world.
After the Sandy Hook massacre. Donald-Trump tweeted “Video game violence, and glorification must stop. It is creating monsters!”. The President has been talking about the negative violence in video games that is shaping in young people thoughts and minds. So, it is not so strange that the Trump administration invited the Entertainment Association. Along with other members of the video-game industry about what all they can do in this matter. What said at the meeting is completely different matter. But it seems Entertainment Software Association have the best interest of the industry at heart.
In conclusion, the confusion surrounding about the Trumps video games meeting. With the ESA and other companies hasn’t helped to what actually to expect from the meeting. It’s still unclear about whether the meeting revised or not. The Daily Beast suggests that president Trump is ready to blame Video games for increasing gun violence. Many video game companies along with the members of the video game industry have found about the meeting. And it described as “pointless” suggesting that the confidence over the meeting isn’t high.


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