What is Net Neutrality? Know the Advantage and Disadvantage of Net Neutrality

What- is- Net -Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality? also, Know the Advantage and Disadvantage of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality talks rise throughout the world and are also controversy in some sense. The Net neutrality allows the internet service providers to treat all data on the Internet same. It will also provide clear ideas on not to discriminate anyone by a user, content, website, platform or method of communication. In Contrast, Without Net neutrality, freedom, and control of a network are not possible. So Net Neutrality is essential for preserving it. Sometimes, it is also defined as the concept of an open internet, where no websites or services rank over the other. It also has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Most of all points mentioned here are we need to think.


1.No Restrictions

Currently, there are no restrictions on the people for using the internet except for what local governments decide. There are no restrictions or preferences over emailing, file sharing, Voice over IP, Podcasts, blogs, etc.

2.No Throttling

Internet Service Providers cannot change the download or upload transfer rates. Depending on what people are accessing on the internet.

3.Increase Capital

The Net Neutrality promotes the potential customers and allows start-ups easier.

4.No Censorship

There is no restriction on how much anyone can upload or download.

Disadvantages of Net Neutrality:

1.Reduced income from internet uses limits infrastructure improvements.

Certain business companies and high use individuals consume large bandwidth every month. If net neutrality removed, then these companies asked more for what they consume.

2. ISP assigned the Priorities.

ISP choose the highest speeds to the networks and services it owns. It slows down the signals for the rival competitors. This would limit consumer choice.

3.Questionable content thrives

There are specific contents that some may find to be offensive. But that is available to anyone because of net neutrality. Some tools can block this content. And an argument made that net neutrality could filter it out before it reaches to the consumer.

4.Free internet access would likely go away.

When the internet becomes a place where profit is the only primary concern the idea of providing free internet access would vanish. Providers may charge whatever they wanted and restrict access. Providers are also focused on lead to demographic discrimination, socioeconomic discrimination. Furthermore, priority gives to those who are willing to pay high prices.

5.Consumption of a significant amount of data without compensation

Illegal streaming is also in the world. These services provide free for the infrastructure of the internet service provider.


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