Entrepreneurship Talk Sessions

24th January 2023, Kathmandu

Did you know the actual art of pitching must be clear, concise, and compelling? It must be able to communicate the problem that the business idea is trying to solve, the solution that the business idea is proposing, and the impact that the business idea is going to create. If you missed our talk session IV “The Subtle art of pitching “, that’s really unfortunate, but here’s a quick recap of what happened.

The Hult Prize team at IOE, Pulchowk Campus believes that it might not be able to set up these seminars without the help of its trusted supporters. They appreciate the support of MSecurity as their security partner, Daraz as their e-commerce partner, NMB Capital as a silver sponsor, Masta Kala as the title sponsor, Protozoa Host as their hosting partner, Entrance Cafe as their venue partner, Impact Hub, Taskade, and Digital Ocean as their event’s general sponsors, as well as everyone else who assisted them behind the scenes.

The talk session IV on “The subtle art of pitching” was aimed at helping participants understand the key elements of a successful pitch and how to effectively communicate their ideas. The talk session was conducted by experienced entrepreneurs who have been through the pitching process themselves, and they shared their insights and tips on how to make a pitch stand out.

The Hult Prize is an annual competition that challenges college and university students from around the world to come up with innovative business ideas that can create positive social and environmental impact. The competition is a rigorous and competitive process, with each round designed to test the skills and abilities of the participants. One of the most important aspects of the competition is the ability to pitch effectively, and this is where “The subtle art of pitching” comes in.

The session began with the introduction of the guests, Mr. Abhibind Khaniya and Ms. Ichhya Malla, one of our country’s most treasured personalities and inspiring ideals.

Mr. Abhibind Khaniya is Nepal’s Representative for the School of Young Politicians Asia(KASYP-Asia), A Parliamentary Debate Coach, Nepal’s 1st Asian Parliamentary WSDC Debate Championship Winner, Leadership and Pageant Coach, Mr. Teen 2017.

His definition of the art of pitching was a subtle one. His wonderful ideas on pitching made every participant excited for improving their pitching ideas with their respective team. Participants were glad to hear about his experiences.

Ms. Ichhya Malla is a trailblazer in the world of corporate training and teaching. She is the founder of PeopleFirst and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University who has been working to uplift the human resources in Nepal. She is the youngest trainer who was nominated from Nepal by the government in the international arena. She has made our country proud by winning the International Award for Corporate Trainer.

Ms. Malla is adept at making people comfortable and connecting with participants in a short time in a creative way by asking every participant to introduce them to dance moves and offering some chocolates was the most interesting part of the session. Her presence was definitely an extra spark of joy to the occasion.

The session was highly interactive, with the participants engaging in discussions and sharing their experiences. The participants were enjoying the Q&A sessions. The guests provided valuable insights and advice on how to form a successful team.

Campus Director, Mr. Bishal Bashyal presented a heartfelt token from Mastakala to guests, creating a cherished memory.

The Hult Prize team couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the session. The participants’ enthusiasm and dedication shone brightly throughout, and it was evident that the session had a profound impact on them.

The session was a resounding success, leaving the participants feeling energized and eager to present their wonderful pitch in the semi-finals.

In conclusion, The Hult Prize is not only a competition to find the best business idea but also an opportunity to learn and improve the skills required to pitch that idea and make it a reality. The talk session was a great opportunity for the participants to gain insights and tips from the experts on how to effectively communicate their ideas and make them stand out.


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