Esewa Money Transfer

25 December 2020, Kathmandu

E-Sewa Money Transfer and Small world have reached an agreement to conduct remittance business. After the launch of this service, the USA, UK, Shenzhen, Brazil and other 22 countries will be able to send cash and money to any bank account and e-wallet through “Small World”.

Over 8,000 E-Sewa Money Transfer agents and E-Sewa Wallet apps in Nepal can also be provided with cash transfers. Similarly, the amount sent to the bank account will be immediately deposited in the bank account of the service recipient. The small world has a global network of over 250,000 agencies and over 800 eligible workers who transact more than 15 million transactions annually.

E-Sewa Transfer has provided digital transfer services and remittance services in Nepal. In view of the current difficult situation, transfers by digital means provide secure, time-saving, financial benefits, and technological knowledge opportunities.

Ajesh Koirala, Managing Director of E-Sewa Money Transfer, said that their objective is to establish E-Sewa Money Transfer name, service, and Technology Company in the global market of remittances.


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