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10th February 2024, Kathmandu

Agreement between the Nepal Internet Foundation and Delsons Associates to establish the Freelancers Association

Dellsons Associates UAE, a global facilitation provider, has expanded its operations to Nepal, aiming to support commercial banks in implementing regulatory compliances under local and international financial laws in the South Asian country.

The company is signing collaborations with various stakeholders in Nepal to provide capacity-building workshops, planning events, and compliance consulting to the professionals of the partner banks and financial institutions. Dellsons UAE will sign a MoU with the Nepal Internet Foundation (NIF) for establishing the Freelancers Association in Kathmandu, Nepal, during an event at a Marriott hotel.

Besides, Dellsons Associates UAE will engage different corporations in the public and private sectors to help them promote the digital economy, an ecosystem for freelancers, and remittance channels in Nepal and the Middle East.

Chairman of Dellsons Associates UAE Ibrahim Amin said, “We are committed to strengthening the compliance system of rules and regulations in financial systems worldwide, thereby expanding our footprint to Nepal, which is a testament to our focus on enhancing global operations from the Middle East to the South Asian region.”

President Nepal Internet Foundation Bikram Shrestha said accessibility to the Internet is indispensable for every country to adopt it for faster growth in the economy; hence, our think tank is committed to introducing every essential and emerging trend among the masses in Nepal. The digital financial system is essential for our country, but it is equally important to address its challenges, including cybersecurity and cybercrime.

CEO of Dellsons Associates UAE, Tufail Ahmed Khan, said, “The financial expertise of Dellsons Associates UAE will be shared with stakeholders in the financial sector, mainly for the development of a sustainable and well-connected freelancing landscape in Nepal. In this regard, our company is collaborating with different delegations to guide them in designing and shaping futuristic goals.”

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