11th December 2020, Kathmandu

What is cellapp?

Cellapp, a tech innovation company develops and delivers technology to businesses and organizations. Cell app develops business accelerating products and services. These products help in contributing to the developing economy of Nepal.

With the tagline, Cellapp – Apps2impact, they focus on creating apps that make an impact. They focus on creating an impact on the means of technology and different sectors of businesses. Till now, they have created many impact projects in different sectors like e-governance, disaster response, entrepreneurship, business management, and so on.

Cellapp is a technology firm which provides business automation solution to the businesses. The automation solution includes mobile apps, websites, digital marketing services, and many more. Digitalization plays a huge role in the success of a business. Having a website or a mobile app can drastically change the audience to reach. Digital marketing helps to reach a wider range of audiences and also to promote the business.

Projects of Cellapp

Some of their projects are SmartPalika, Rakshya, Nepal Flood Relief, IRMA Tracker, and EmBlood. Their recent project is Covid-19 Response System which is a live tracking and quarantine management system. This Covid-19 response system was developed and handed over to more than 70 local governments of Nepal free of cost.

SmartPalika is their biggest product success which is an e-governance system. Likewise, Rakshya is for disaster management under which Nepal Flood Relief for flood victims, IRMA Tracker for hurricane relief, and EmBlood for emergency blood supply.

Their covid-19 response system includes features like quarantine management, relief management, migration assistant, and many more. All these features are being implemented for covid-19 relief and management.

Achievement of Cellapp

Also, the cell app has bagged Asia’s Award for Leveraging IT for Business Performance 2020-2021 conferred by Asia Awards presented by RULA Awards. Asia Awards is the token of appreciation and recognition for the act of excellence in various fields.

The CEO of Cellapp, Manoj Bhattarai says that this award has honored them and wish that the institutions like them will be encouraged. They also have been entrusted by organizations like UNDP, ICIMOD, INSEC, and many more.

They hold expertise with 11+ years of experience and portfolio in the Global Tech Industry as one of the finest automation companies in Nepal. Being an IT company, they aim to bring revolutionary changes in the lifestyle of people and solve problems using information technology.

We hope that they will continue to bring a positive impact on the lives of people, businesses, and society through technology.


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