Everything I Know About Responsive Web Typography, Madan Panthi

Coding the CSS styles for your web typography will soon be a lot easier thanks to an online typesetting tool called Type Nugget. Currently, in the Beta phase, Type Nugget sets out to provide an alternative to manually coding your CSS styles, making it easier and quicker to achieve precise online typesetting.

Web-based platforms for generating CSS codes aren’t necessarily a new idea but no other online tools built with the scope and care of Type Nugget. With Type Nugget, designers and developers can easily customize style combinations and check out the preview in-browser, in real time. While the full version (which promises more exciting features like responsive breakpoint support) is still in development, the Beta version already provides users with the ability to style web typography quickly with a live preview area and generate efficient, usable CSS code based on the selection.

Type Nugget Beta at a Glance

Type Nugget uses a live, in-browser platform to allow live previewing of text styling combinations and then instant downloading of ready to implement CSS.

The natural user interface to customize your layout
Save time with ready to implement CSS code generation
Cross-browser compatibility
Easy to read and well-formatted code
No hard-coding is required which makes it ideal for beginners too
Type Nugget is encouraging more users to try the Beta product and give feedback to the tool can be improved and incorporate requests and suggestions from users. There are already plans to enhance the device with more features like web-fonts from smaller type foundries and independent designers.

The wide variety of specific options and controls already shows a lot of promise and the advantages of creating impressive web typography in quick time can come already with the Beta version of Type Nugget.

What’s Coming Up?

As Type Nugget moves beyond the beta phase, you can expect a more advanced user-based platform with improved responsive design friendliness, more excellent controls, and more web fonts. Type Nugget has indicated the tool will always be free to use but may offer more advanced services for a small fee so that time dedicated to progressing the device with new technologies.

The developers in charge of Type Nugget say they are still welcoming responses in the feedback section of the Beta version so that the finished product can have more facilities that match popular demand.

Try It Out Now

It’s exciting to able to see the efficiency of time and cost savings that can achieve with the help of Type Nugget. The typesetting tool already shows a lot of promise as a possible go-to tool for developers. The thought of efficiently preparing and implementing CSS code for slick web-typography designs is also something that will surely appeal to web designers.