As we are learning about how everyone is talking about the thing about making the machine learning, Google showed us how it has been working for Artificial Intelligence with the help of AI divisions and projects relating to such.
Making some apps to learn the human mind with the help of information and their activities through their phone, Google started the future of Artificial Intelligence.
But how could a multi-billion dollar company like Facebook stay quiet about the most happening topic in the tech-town?
Facebook comprising of engineers who are dedicated to pushing the boundary of their information to a new level have now thought of working on Artificial Research, i.e., make their machines think by themselves. We know that Facebook has been able to win the hearts of millions of people through their dedication to provide a platform for better communication.
The data stored in Facebook are maybe more than what people know about themselves which makes a controversial issue as well. However, it also helps them to understand what is the preference of the people using Facebook. If machines could themselves know that, People are going to enjoy the service more and more.
” I’m excited for the opening of Facebook’s first international research center for artificial intelligence in Paris,” says Zuckerberg in his latest post on Facebook. The reason for establishing the Research Center in France is because France has one of the strongest AI research communities. ” One of our long term initiatives is to build a new generation of internet services that are more intuitive and can more easily connect you with the things you care about by understanding the meaning of voice, text, images, videos and other information.” He added in his post.
Everyone has understood what the future of Computing is and looking forward to the Future Facebook is also in the venture of providing its user with the service of thinking machines shortly.
Facebook is the biggest platform for sharing information and with its evolving approaches more and more users are being fascinated. And the opening of the research center is going to be the next big thing for Facebook.
Mark is excited about the research center as he expects it would be quite beneficial for learners as well as Scientists with the help of the center.