There are many cyber crimes came to hear, and so it has become essential to protect the user’s account. Facebook has also taken its steps critical to overcoming this problem. Furthermore, there are many cyberstalkers who tried to impersonate other Facebook users and start doing trivial tasks without the concern of user’s itself. So to stop this somehow, facebook Company attempted to detect a duplicate facebook account of a user and send an alert message to its original account holder. So in this article, I would explain how Facebook identifies the clone profiles and stop such activities.

The new features of Facebook reported if it finds the cloned accounts when it detects a perfect match of both profile pictures and profile names. While uploading a group pic of you with your friends, you might have noticed how Facebook automatically detects your friend’s face and suggests the right names without manually feeding into it. The face recognition technology would be utilized by Facebook’s new feature that eliminates the chance of profile duplication and ends up the doppelganger business

Although two accounts are of identical, Facebook will find the legit user, by Facebook’s core security team just by analyzing and comparing the user’s activities and date of account creation of the users.

According to the Facebook Head of Global safety Antigone Davis, the impersonation is the source of harassment, especially for women despite the longstanding policy against it. Similarly, facebook’s new security measures would give you a degree of trust to women to upload the real images on the platform due to fear of impersonation. So, Facebook is still working on similar two technologies which report non-consensual intimate pictures and a photo checkup feature.

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