Facial Recognition a Technology

Believe it or not, we are in the course of the future technology. There are a lot of impressive technologies set for the future. We will get to see or use some of them, if we are lucky.

A decade back, fingerprint recognition was thought to be a cutting edge technology. Now fingerprint identification can be found everywhere, including a simple mobile too. So one thing is true about technology, it is always evolving, it never stops. How would you like if you enter a restaurant and greeted by your name? Not by the staff, but a voice only. This can become reality soon.

You obviously have heard of face recognition. Face recognition was developed years ago but the efficiency was not impressive at all. You can see that in movies too but there’s one company in China that is already implementing this technology. But a company in Beijing, called Face++ has effectively used face recognition for the purpose of security. It uses software that automatically captures 83 different points on a face from different angles so as to form the exact face of a person.

Apart from identification, face recognition can be used for different purposes. For instance online payment. While we are only talking about its possible usage, it’s already being implemented in china again by Alipay. Technologies in general are first implemented in China, probably because security is the top most priority for Chinese government.

Chinese can make payments via Alipay using face as their credentials. Moreover they can also transfer money. No surprise, more it has got more than 5 billion users. Another company, Didi not to mention a Chinese company, uses Face++ software to know if the driver is a legitimate driver or not. It is possible as Face++ uses a test called liveness test that requires people to move their head while being scanned.

Another prospectus of this breaking technology can be tracking of criminals through surveillance cameras. However there might be problem when the image in the database is years old. That being said, it again depends on the efficacy of the technology. Another popular company and search engine in China, Baidu is also making great advancements in face recognition technology. In fact, it reached in a television program to prove it.

The show features people that are expert in recognizing people from their baby photos. As expected, Baidu’s technology surpassed everyone’s expectation. Baidu is currently working with the government of Wuzhen, a historic tourist destination. They want to provide access tourists without requiring a ticket.

Like fingerprint, that day is not so far when face recognition will be used to pay for your shopping credit in a local store or you enter in a cinema hall, restaurant, school, college, banks and everywhere you go. But it also raises issues and concerns regarding our privacy.


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