FAQ – Code For Nepal Tech Diversity Scholarship

Following our announcement of Tech Diversity Scholarship, sponsored by Nepal Telecom, here is a list of frequently asked questions: If you are looking to change your career to software development or if want to step up your coding skills, please consider applying for the scholarship.

 Why is Code for Nepal providing this scholarship?

It is the right of every individual to have access to opportunities. Socio-economic background has been a barrier for that matter. Glaring diversity gaps in employment within various fields is a bleak reality. To tip the scales in favor of promising and motivated youth, who do not get as many opportunities generally, we want to partner with a local private entity in Nepal to equip youth from a diverse background with advanced web development skills.

 How many students will be selected for the scholarship program?

We have a budget to provide scholarships to 25 determined & committed students. This will be ongoing, and we plan to have many such programs in the future.

How long is the duration of the course?

Scholarship recipients will go through an intense 12-week web application development course followed by a 3-week capstone project time. The total course duration will be 15 weeks.

What is the schedule of the classes?

The tentative schedule of the classes is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30 am to 11:30 am Nepal time. We might even have an evening class for half the students. This will be finalized as the date comes closer.

When does the course start?

We have plans to start the course in early July. The timeline will be set after consulting with the scholarship recipients. This is to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to attend the program. There might also be a possibility of starting the course at different times for two groups.

Is the course onsite or online?

All scholarship recipients will have to attend classes at Insight Workshop, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. The Institute is easily accessible and close to all public transportation. Everyone must attend the classes in person, no exceptions.

I know basic programming, will this course be helpful to me?

Yes, the course is designed to prepare students for an entry-level software development job. The course is designed for beginners & intermediate students in mind.

What will you teach in the class

 Here is a link to the syllabus.

 What should we expect in the course?

Tons of coding & problem-solving exercises & quizzes.

Expect to be part of a big group project built on the Django framework.

This program will be equivalent to taking six credit hours of undergraduate computer science coursework in typical US education system. (6 hours of total scheduled time in class in a week).

Expect world-class code boot camp course materials. Similar to Hackreactor, App Academy, Ironhack, etc.

Will Code for Nepal be involved during the course?

Code for Nepal collaborated with Insight Workshop team to plan a tailored program focusing on open-source web development. System for Nepal will not be directly involved during the course but will regularly check on the progress of the students.

Will I be able to manage time with my other full-time job?

Yes, of course! If your current employer is flexible, you should be able to attend either the day or evening classes. Students attend 6 hours of lecture and lab sessions per week. Levels will be on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, two hours each day. We encourage you to spend more time in our lab and learn in the group, and contribute to the team rather than just being available for 6 hours a week.

What is the goal of the course?

The goal of the course is to help you land your dream job in the software development market. Insight Workshop doesn’t guarantee a job after the program, but they will make sure you are job-ready.

Tell us more about the teaching staff.

Lectures are conducted by dedicated industry professionals with a passion for teaching. Lab session is led by teaching assistants who are available to answer questions and guide students through labs, assignments, and projects. They are senior developers with 3-4 years of professional experience. They have helped many interns and trainees become successful software developers in the past.

Does the course teach other development skills like graphic designing, GIS development, distributed systems, etc.?

No, the coursework is strictly designed to teach programming foundation & web development. But, you will always be able to grasp other disciplines if you have your basics strong.

Who is funding the scholarship program?

The program is funded by Nepal Telecom and subsidy provided by Insight Workshop.

 Please apply at http://codefornepal.org/en/2017/06/tech-scholarship.


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