FC Chitwan
FC Chitwan

18 March 2021, Kathmandu

The excitement of the first of its kind Super League, organized by Nepal Sports and Event Management (NSEM) in association with ANFA, is in the air and a promising football club has emerged amid it all. FC Chitwan club is launched by Game On, a part of IME Group, and has raised the stakes for other clubs by roping in the talented Bharat Khawas as the Captain, and Meghraj KC as the coach.

Khawas and KC both have unparalleled portfolios. Khawas is an A-league striker who plays on behalf of the club Tribhuvan Army and has represented Nepal on international grounds. He is also one of the most sought-after Nepali players who had been offered a spot in a European club but turned it down for the homeland team. KC on the other hand is Nepal U

-19 coach who has led and made the career of many young footballers such as Khawas himself. KC has also been honored with various awards and recognitions in his career.

FC Chitwan crest has a panther emblem on it which represents fast, fierce, and fair play. It roars that football runs in the bloodstream of the club. It represents the force of nature alongside power and determination. “There is so much talent that needs to be unleashed and passion that needs to be harnessed in Nepal,” says Sachin Dhakal, the club owner of FC.

Chitwan. “The club will eventually be a breeding ground for talent that can thrive with opportunities and resources.” The technical team and the players will be announced shortly.


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