Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel

31st May 2021, Kathmandu

The budget announcement for the fiscal year was held on jestha 15, Saturday. The budget was announced by Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel.

The budget announcement program was held from the Prime Minister’s office.

The second wave of Corona has made the situation very critical. Most of the works is pending in the offices.

In the announcement of the budget, he announced that land could be registered from home. Also, the land can even be transferred from home.

Now the land administration-related services based on the electronic systems will be expanded in all Land Revenue Offices.

Bishnu Poudel, Finance Minister,  mentioned that digital technology of all land-related records would be made available through the land records information system.

He also mentioned his lottery system. The lottery system will be implemented in all the districts within the next fiscal year so that the service related to the lottery survey book register can be obtained electronically.


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