June 2, 2016, Cyber Security International Nepal (CSI) conducted its first awareness campaign at the premises of Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School, Purano Kalimati , Bafal. The awareness campaign was attended by the students and teachers of Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School.  The awareness campaign was sponsored by Mr. Prem Bhandari – Civil Engineer / CEO of AMA Engineering, Virginia USA and Mr. Anil Pandey – CEO of Motherland Nepal Organization, Honorary PRR of NTB, and California USA.

It was a success with numbers of interested students and teachers who eagerly wanted to know more about the cyber security and to overcome cyber threats and challenges. Cyber Security Awareness Campaign was started with a welcome speech by Mr. Shahasram Dahal, one of the students of Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School.

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Ramhari Subedi,CEO, Cyber Security Institute International (CSII) and DC Nepal. With a powerful presentation on cyber security Doctor Ramhari Subedi stated the evolution of information technology and their effects on our life in positive as well as negatively. With globalization people have been facing so many problems of hacking and phishing, virus infections and cyber terrors which can disrupt the personal as well as professional working cycle.

cyber space in nepal security in nepal

And he stressed the need to work more closely together as a shared mission to safeguard computer networks from cyber-attacks, which even with development in digital world the cyber-crimes has been growing continuously and none of the sector is safe from its threats.

Nepali cyberspace is prone to attack and Nepalese people lack awareness about cyber threats, with lack of knowledge workers and infrastructure in related field. With real-life examples, facts and figures like- yearly loss due to cyber-attacks, mental stress and even death of people because of hacker attacks and others Dr. Subedi impacted the listeners positively.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, Technical coordinator of Cyber Security International Nepal, also remarked the basic tips of using internet and consumer protection. He said, “CSI as a team and people like you are important assets in building a more secure access to internet, depleting the threats and overcoming the challenges of cyber-crime.”

“We are very thankful for the opportunity to attend this awareness seminar on Cyber Security; we have been using face-book, mails and other websites without knowing the other side of it,”  mentioned by one of the student who attended the seminar. Students and teachers found this awareness campaign to be very interesting and informative, adding that Cyber Security Awareness Campaign is helping to lead the way towards the development of safer use of internet.

The awareness campaign was successfully concluded with the speech of Mr. Kuldeep Prasad Budhathoki, Vice-Principal, Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School with his views on cyber-crime. He said,” It’s a great opportunity to have CSI Team here at Gyanodaya H.S. School with our students which surely has encouraged them to get aware about threats of cyberspace and move ahead to safeguard their data.”