Flying Cars Are Here, And The Race To Deliver The 1st Ones Just

PAL-V a perfect world’s first commercial flying car

The concept of flying car has been around for a long time, and it was limited to just an idea until 2017. This week at the Geneva International Motor Show, PAL-V unveiled its final sample of the World’s first flying car that is commercially available. You can now pre-order your own personal world’s first flying car on $10,000 which is non-refundable.

The delivery of the first commercially available flying car will be made in 2019 as the production is yet to receive its final safety certifications. Aeromobil, which had similar promises to bring us the flying car in 2017 but it has repeatedly failed.

Netherland-based PAL-V is the gas-powered vehicle with helicopter blades that can hold two people and has the top speed of 100mph on the ground. Once it’s on the air, it can reach the altitude of 11,000 feet and reach the max speed of 112mph. PAL-V will have a range of about 350miles.

Is PAL-V a perfect world’s first commercial flying car?

PAL-V is not quite the perfect flying car, but it is the best you can get. Transforming from a road to air isn’t smooth enough as it requires manual support. PAL-V claims the transformation can do in 10 minutes. Flying this car be easy though as it will need a legal airstrip although vertical landing is possible.

Affording the world’s first commercial flying car will not be cheap or simple. The flying vehicle comes with two pricing options: The new limited-edition “pioneer” is at the cost of $620,000. Only 90 units of the model will be released which makes it super limited and difficult to own. The “pioneer” model will follow the delivery of “Sport” edition which is estimated to be around $400,000.

The production of the flying car is said to begin at 2019 after it receives its final certifications, but it is difficult to imagine the flying car getting the certifications too soon as FAA still has the problem with drones. Bureaucratic delays can let the production of the flying vehicles to slow down by a considerable time margin.

The flying car Certified by the rules of the United States and European safety agencies. Driving your flying car will require a small airstrip to take off and land. The pilot will also need a pilot’s license which is not as simple as obtaining a driver’s license and private flight training which included in the cost of the flying cars.

There are some other milestones that PAL-V needs to overcome which may take a while to be resolved by PAL-V, but it is the first of its type and has been successful in doing what other companies were promising for an extended amount of time. This car might not be the solution for the heavy traffic but with the beginning of the World’s first flying commercial car, those days are not far when flying cars will be a regular form of transportation.


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