Earlier, we need to go travel agency for booking tickets for a domestic flight which used to be troublesome for us. But now by clicking on the screen, we can book the ticket for domestic flights.

To make ticketing system more convenient, has started a service of online ticket booking for domestic flights. Suman Ghimire and his team who has been associated with the tourism sector have launched the function of the online ticketing system. Ghimire is President of Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha, and operator of Jungle Safari Lodge.

The payment for the tickets can be made through eSewa and debit and credit cards of different banks.

“Technology has progressed extremely throughout the world, considering these things in mind we have started the service of online ticketing,” said Suman Ghimire. Ticketing through a travel agency is a lengthy procedure but online ticketing is easy and less time consuming, added Ghimire.

For the convenience of the clients, we have even installed Customers Desk Support. Customers can contact the desk on 4444999.

“FlyinNepal will charge cancellation fee based on the booking value and the cancellation period from the departure of the flight. You can always connect the customer desk for extra support. In this scenario, you will also receive the corrected refund as well”, said the officials.


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