16 January 2020, Kathmandu

Fonepay has introduced various attractive gift plans for customers and merchants while doing business through QR code scanning. On New Year’s Day for the year 2020, fonepay introduced various gift hand-outs including cash-back offers, mobile phones, attractive gift sand abroad travel plans.

Through fonepay’s member bank’s mobile banking app and e-sewa platform, customers who pay through QRs all over Nepal and those who accept QR payments will be the winners in this gift scheme. The platform is expanding its reach with this scheme since the number of mobile banking users is in a growing trend.

The winner will be made public through a lucky draw. This gift plan will be valid for 6 months. Winners will be announced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Every day, 5 customers will receive 100% cashback of a transaction. Every week 1 customer and 1 merchant will be able to win a mobile phone worth Rs. 25000.

Likewise, every month, 1 customer and 1 merchant can win a trip to Dubai sponsored by fonepay. Customers and traders who have won the Dubai trip will also be able to take three other people to Dubai. In this gift scheme, a total of 1810 people will get the gifts including the 5 daily customer winners and traders who accept QR payment.

Fonepay currently has more than 75,000 merchants and more than 80 Lakh mobile banking members of more than 50 banks and financial institutions across Nepal.

QR payment is a growing trend in Nepal and can be taken as an easy and efficient alternative to traditional cash payments. Fonepay has been playing a pioneering role to establish the QR payment system in Nepal, and its scheme to provide exciting gifts to its customers and merchants alike will surely boost up the number of QR transactions in the 6 months span.


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