Fonepay Women

28th February 2024, Kathmandu

Fonepay, Nepal’s largest payment Network has announced the launch of its latest campaign, “Sakshyam Naari,” aimed at promoting financial inclusion and independence for women across the nation. Fonepay recognizes the pivotal role women play in driving economic growth and prosperity. As part of the campaign, Fonepay is encouraging women to embrace digital payments as a pathway to ease their day-to-day routines that involve finance.

Fonepay has launched this campaign in collaboration with Nabil and Sanima Bank. The campaign has been running from Magh 26 and will run until Falgun 28, 2080.

Fonepay Women-centric

To participate in the campaign, the female users of Nabil and Sanima Bank need to perform a minimum 3 transactions of any Fonepay services including Fonepay QR, Fonepay Direct & Fonepay Bills during the campaign period through their Mobile Banking application. One female user from Nabil Bank will get an exquisite diamond set from Shree Balaji Diamond, upon meeting the criteria of the campaign. Additionally, the first 100 female users of Sanima Bank and Nabil Bank will win a guaranteed Top-up of Rs 1000.

Speaking on the motive of the campaign, Subodh Sharma, Fonepay’s Chief Strategy Officer said, “Sakshyam Naari is different to any other regular campaigns, it’s an initiative to encourage technology adoption amongst women. Our data suggest that usage of digital means of payments is lower amongst women and hence through this campaign, we intend to change this scenario. We hope this campaign will create a positive impact on the lives of women across all walks of life.”

Fonepay has always prioritized the security of its customers’ transactions and accordingly, encryption and authentication protocols are included in all payment facilities to ensure secure transactions.

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