26th May 2023, Kathmandu

Foodmandu, the leading online food delivery platform in Nepal, has launched its new campaign “First Bite”.

With a focus on enticing young palates and culinary explorers, this campaign offers an exclusive perk for new customers. They can enjoy a discount of 25% up to Rs. 500 on their first online order from Foodmandu.

Ms. Ankita Joshi, Sr. Brand Marketing Executive at Foodmandu, shares her enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “First Bite goes beyond simply bringing young food enthusiasts on board.

It’s about appreciating their  passion for discovering new flavors and culinary experiences and inviting  them to embark on a delicious and long-lasting journey with us.”

New users can easily avail themselves of the “First Bite” campaign discounts by entering the coupon code “FIRST BITE” during checkout.


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