Kathmandu, Nepal, December 15th, 2018

Going Forward in its commitment to enhancing the brand and ownership experience, G.O. Automobiles conducted a Wilderness Get-A-Way at  HattiBan Resort, Pharping.

The event was conducted with a focus on Endurance and Toughness of Ford Vehicles. Ford Raptor, Ranger, Freestyle, Ecosport & Ford Endeavour were the vehicles that were used as a test drive cars. A special off-road track was created with lots of off-road elements like up-hill, down-hill, pitch, rocky roads for the consumer to experience the vehicles at these conditions. Over 500 participants participated in the test drive event and appreciated the ease that these vehicles could be maneuvered in tough terrain. Besides the test drive, lots of other fun and adventure activities for the whole family were carried out at the event spots like Free Food, Free Games (Mountain Biking contest, Tree Climbing, Rope climbing, Zipline, etc. )

During this event, Ford Nepal also launched “The all New Ranger Raptor” at Nrs. 1,25,00,000/- (One Crore Twenty Five lakhs) .

G.O. Automobiles have been conducting various events to interact and provide prospective consumers with an experience of the Ford vehicle. This event has been indeed marked as one of a kind where consumers experience the toughness of the car as well as easy to handle in harsh terrain and off-road environment.


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