Wallet Fraud Alert: Scammers Using the Name of Khalti to Scam Users

18th May 2020, Kathmandu

Some scammers are using the name of Khalti to scam Khalti users. This news came to light recently.

The digital wallet company Khalti has a wide audience and a large user base. Some scammers are trying to target the users during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Users of the app reported a phishing link that says “Click here to get Rs 500 in Cash.

We got into talk with Mr. Arvind, one of the co-founders of the company. We wanted to know what the real issue was and how is Khalti dealing with this scam.

Apparently, when you click into those click baits, it takes you to a site where you have to disclose your Khalti username and password. This would allow the scammers to use that information to hack into accounts.

Luckily, Khalti and its dedicated team took measures before any damage could be done.

“We deployed a cyber-team as soon as we knew about this scam and we tracked the hacking site. Whenever a user would fall into the trap and disclose their username and password, he blocked that account so no transactions were valid.” explains the Khalti co-founder.

Further, the company made calls to the victim users and let them aware of the situation. The company assures no accounts were hacked even though username and passwords were disclosed. The issue does not exist anymore.

Khalti is planning to organize campaigns to aware people that they should not disclose their account details without being cautious. The company will be launching video campaigns soon to provide awareness regarding such fraudulent activities.

People in Nepal are new to the digital world, and scams like “free money” can easily target innocent people. Khalti also requests its users to not believe in these suspicious click baits and rather inform the company of such misbehave for quick actions.


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