Full Circle Touch Screen AMOLED Display With A Screen

The new Samsung Gear S2 has got a 1.2″ Full Circular AMOLED with 360 x360 pixels approximately 302 PPI display technology and has gained a beautiful round design. It has also reached an elegant fluid user interface. The dimension of the BT model is 42.3 x 49.8 x 11.4 mm, and that of BT classic model is 39.9 x 43.6 x 11.6 mm and that of the 3G model is 44.0 x 51.8 x 13.4 mm.

This gear supports Bluetooth as well as 3G network technology. The chipset used in the BT model is Exynos 3250 whereas that in the 3G model is MSMBx26. It has got 4 GB storage and comes up with a 512 MB RAM. The sensors available in this device are an accelerometer, barometer, gyro, ambient light sensor, HRM, and GPS sensor but only on 3G network.

The Bluetooth technology used is Bluetooth v4.1, and it comes with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity systems. The device is water resistant. The operating system used in this gear is the Tizen OS. The battery used in the BT model is of 250 mAh, and that in the 3G model is 300mAh. The battery life is up to 2-3 days of life. It contains a rotating bezel which is a unique yet innovative technology.

One can check the weather, play music, measure his heartbeat and many more functions just by the rotation of the bezel. The bands can be easily changed merely by pressing the tab on the back of the gear and swapping the existing strap and inserting new belt as according to the mood of the user. It also helps to balance the daily activity level, track water vs. caffeine intake and heartbeat which helps to keep the user fit. The device can be charged by a wireless charging dock.

It has got the storage that could store 300 songs synced seamlessly from the user’s phone. It has many drawbacks too like if the watch dies it needs a factory reset to reconnect and there are more connectivity issues. It contains barely any usable apps, i.e., many apps are no right to be used. Its reactivation lock is pretty much buggy and has got a laggy notification to swipe away menu.