Fusemachines Nepal Launches AI Shikshya For Nepal

Wednesday, December 4, 2019, Kathmandu  

AI SHIKSHYA For NEPAL, Fusemachines Inc. is an artificial intelligence talent and education solutions company. To extend the AI course in Nepal, it is partnering with the different colleges to teach AI courses.

The Herald college is located in Hadigaun Marg, Kathmandu, the Samriddhi college located in Madhyapur Thimi, the Thames International College which is at Baneshwor. Kathmandu has already adopted the AI course with more than a thousand students taking the subject. The Fusemachines Inc. is doing this under the “AI Shikshya (education) for Nepal” initiatives.

Dr. Sameer Maskey is the founder and CEO of Fusemachines. He says,” The main mission of this project is to play an active role in enhancing the AI capabilities of the global workforce.

Fusemachines is now partnering with extra colleges to introduce a world-class AI education track. Both the introductory and advanced courses are available.

As per the source, the four advances courses are offered as a part of Micro degree in AI which consists of:

  1. Machine learning
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Deep learning
  4. Natural language Processing

CEO of Harald college, says, “With the growing impact of AI, the required skills are needed for the people”.

“Samriddhi college is also glad to be part of the Fusemachines and bring the international level of education in Nepal,” says Naresh Shrestha, CEO of Samriddhi College. 

Director of Thames college also added “In the coming days there will be the huge demand of AI. So, this kind of education is needed in Nepal.

None of the colleges is disappointed by introducing the AI course, though AI course is completely new in the education system of Nepal.

The Fusemachines will be building a community of great minds together and work on problem-solving and creation.

Also, it is planning to make a partnership with more colleges in Nepal. It strongly believes that the AI courses should be taught not only to enhance the growth of the student but also to enhance the growth of the community and nation as a whole.


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