Gagan Thapa Ready To Discuss On Every Sentence Of IT Bill 2075

January 11th, 2020, Kathmandu

Chief Opposition Nepali Congress MP Gagan Thapa has said that he is ready to discuss with the government spokesperson Gokul Prasad Baskota about every word of the Information Technology Bill. Thapa openly asked Baskota, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, where he needs to come for the discussion. He said, “Where do you want to discuss the Bill, Minister? In Singha Durbar, in Parliament or at Maitighar?”

These phrases from Thapa were in response to Minister Baskota, who accused that the opposition has been raising voice against the bill without reading it. Thapa added, ‘The honorable minister has said that we have not read the Bill. I am ready to discuss every article, sub-article, and word of the bill.”

He said the Information Technology Bill would curtail civil liberties. He said, “We will take the initiative to stop this bill when the House starts in a few days. Students, opposition parties, journalists, and citizens come to the streets against the bill.”

He said MPs could not stop the Guthi Billin from the House due to the lack of a majority. Thapa added, “When you came to the road, the government bowed down. It is now time to come to the road against the IT bill.”

He termed the government cowardly. MP Thapa said, “This government is trying to intimidate the citizens after weak cowardice. Thapa raised the question regarding the real purpose of the majority.

He added that the contents of information technology bill are also included in the criminal law. He claimed that the right to write/speak was given only to the government-backed people.


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