Aloi Forge Transformative

9th November 2023, Kathmandu

Global Equity Fund (GEF) and Aloi Global (Aloi Forge Transformative Partnership) have joined forces to venture into the realms of impact investing and financial technology.

About GEF:

Global Equity Fund, a pioneering private equity fund management company, specializes as a sector-agnostic impact fund. Focused on fostering positive change, GEF provides crucial capital to small and medium-sized enterprises in their early-stage, expansion, and growth phases.

Aloi Forge Transformative Partnership

Aloi Global, an innovative force in the financial technology landscape, operates as a platform meticulously tracking loans disbursed by financial institutions. With a commitment to empowering micro-entrepreneurship in the informal sector, Aloi Global pioneers digital financial solutions for lending, payments, and repayments in real-time.

Stay tuned as this dynamic partnership unfolds, promising a fusion of expertise and innovation. GEF and Aloi Global are set to redefine the landscape of impact investing and financial technology, aiming to create a positive and lasting impact.

Exciting updates and milestones await on this collaborative journey—watch this space for more developments and the remarkable impact that will be crafted together.


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