Global Azure BOOT CAMP, Kicks OFF in Nepal

Creating a load balanced web farm with Linux and Azure VMNepal is all set to kick off its 5th Version of Global Azure Boot Camp. Global Azure Boot Camp, is a one-day event which is organized on the same day all over the world. It is organized by technical communities and Usergroups all around the world. In Nepal, “The Cloud Power” and “ASP NET Community” are jointly organizing the Global Azure Boot Camp.

This year of Global Azure Boot Camp feature is a full day of workshop theme session. This session shall cover end to end process of developing a solution in Azure and Hosting it in Azure.

Every Participant is provided with Azure Access worth 10,000/- Nepalese Rupees. The Workshop is being Organized in Hall of Ministry of Education, CLPIU, Gyaneshwor.

Global Azure Boot Camp, Nepal is Supported by Nepal Government, LABA IT Training, Microsoft and Brain Digit.

The training session shall be facilitated by 4 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals From Nepal namely, Alok Pandey, Mahesh Dahal, Janak Shrestha, and Ravi Mandal.

PS: Preregistration and Pre-Payment are mandatory to attend the event.

2017 GLOBAL AZURE Bootcamp

On 22nd April two community team like The Cloud Power and ASP.NET Community on the Occasion of 2017 GLOBAL AZURE Bootcamp with three MVP’s Alok Pandey, Mahesh Mahal, Ravi Mandal. A one- Day global training event on Azure, from a community to the community has been started. The event is getting started with NodeJS and MongoDB with Azure App Service and Azure DocumentDB.There are total around 40 participants going to learn to deploy NodeJS application to Azure App Service, deploying NoSQL(MongoDB) Database on Azure with DocumentDB and connecting NodeJS applications to Mongo DB.

Starting session

Session 1:

Azure App Service and Document DB

The event was started by MVP Alok Pandey and the first session was of Ravi Mandal Speaking on NodeJS and Mongo DB with Azure App Service and Document DB. The starting session was good and as the time is passing no of participants is increasing. The program is very formal and going easily.

Ravi Mandal Speaking on NodeJS and Mongo DB

Here, Ravi mandal is helping participants how to create App in nodeJS and MongoDB and deploy it with Azure App Service and Document DB. The session is going much more interesting since they are learning the new thing. Students Learning New thing in this Global Occasion. He is also talking about the code written or used for App Development and Create in can be seen form root or URL. Or it can also find out if we go through folders.

 Session 2:

Using Serverless Architecture for image analysis with Azure Functions, JavaScript, Cognitive Services and Azure Storage Session.

He is talking about how serverless Architecture for image analysis can be used for Cognitive Services with fewer charges.

In this session, participants are learning about Function APP and Cognitive Services. And some example of CS can be taken and Face Detection API, Murphy the BOT Project, etc. Here the Participants used Javascript for NodeJS and use API of Cognitive Services for function app of Microsoft Azure.

Serverless Architectures

The Second Session Done by Ravi Mandal

Serverless architectures refer to applications that significantly depend on third-party services (knows as Backend as a Service or “BaaS”) or on custom code that’s run in ephemeral containers (Function as a Service or “FaaS”), the best-known vendor host of which currently is AWS Lambda. By using these ideas, and by moving much behavior to the front end, such architectures remove the need for the traditional ‘always on’ server system sitting behind an application. Depending on the circumstances, such systems can significantly reduce operational cost and complexity at a cost of vendor dependencies and (at the moment) immaturity of supporting services.

He adds his knowledge and experience to help the participants and By fact, students are approaching for package installation. He is teaching them about serverless Architecture and its benefits.


Creating a load balanced web farm with Linux and Azure Virtual Machine

“Why spend tons of your money on buying new servers when you can get those same servers from Azure with more benefits? ” This session was focused on HOW TO CREATE NEW SERVER and make it useful depending on own purpose.

This session was divided into several exercises so that the participants can be taught easily.

Exercises were like:

Exercise 1: Create 1st Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Exercise 2: Create a 2nd Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Exercise 3: Connect to VM and install Web Server

Exercise 4: Create a Load Balancer

Exercise 5: Configure the Load Balancer

And wrapping out the with the overview of the session, with some advice and Xamarin for Visual Studio Enterprises where you just code once and run on any platform unlike the previous native process, i.e. NO MULTIPLE UI CODE REQUIRED. And for further knowledge, different books were given away to participants.

Author: Nishan Aryal (Community Lead of The Cloud Power Technical Community & Project Manager at Lucky IT Solution)


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